Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a global citizen - born in the Northwoods of America and raised in the heart of Europe. My upbringing in international ministry has equipped me with a lifetime of intercultural fluency, driven me to be a learner of people and their stories, and has built in me a passion for venturing into uncharted territory. I am driven, especially when it comes to creatively combining my strengths and passions in a way that will have lasting impact (make a positive dent) on the people around me. And, I've learned that the best way to impact others is to be courageous in my vulnerability and become a dented person, myself. So, this is what I seek in all new circumstances: an opportunity to take risks, step into the uncomfortable, love others, be impressed upon and take what I learn out into the wider workplace - the world.

Photo by Wesley Taylor

Photo by Wesley Taylor


I believe that story has the power to create positive impact and rich cultural experiences. So, through my work I hope to empower individuals, teams, and brands to tell their stories, make meaning out of them, and connect to a greater narrative. 

I have found that in a world of individuals trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, the most important thing we can do is to first learn who we are and let what we do flow from that. The past couple of years have been full of experiences - good and hard - that have allowed me to learn both who I am and who I am not, so that I can filter all decisions through a more grounded purpose and help others do the same.

Learn more about those purpose-shaping experiences on the blog or in the articles linked below. We can chat about the rest over an americano.