The Sound Of Love Come Down

When I heard that small cry, I threw the bed sheets off and flew across the room. I couldn't sleep anyway. My body was hyper-aware of the little life laying across the room from me. I wasn't used to having anyone dependent on me to meet all of their needs. Tonight, however, I was taking care of the newborn son of a teenage girl I had met on a Chicago train a couple months earlier.

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Have The Audacity To Interrupt

Moving to a big city has recently led me to contemplate social boundaries and their effects on connection. 

There are moments I wish they were more clearly established: like on the train, when I'm sitting between a man whose hands and face are covered in cheesy Pringles as he licks the powder our of the tube (gag!) and a woman who is coughing up a lung and spitting it into a napkin (help!). But most times, I find myself wishing we would push through them to acknowledge one another in our human experience and create space for meaningful connection.

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Overchoice: Donuts & Freedom

In my hand I held a coupon for one free donut.

I carefully scanned every donut in the glass case full of options. Cookie butter creme, coconut glaze, pistachio crumble, blueberry fritter, chocolate glazed filled with peanut butter (OMG) — each one looked and sounded better than the last. I wanted to make that coupon count and choose the best freaking donut that place had to offer.

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