What Happened When I Offered The Pen Of My Story To Another

We don’t have to keep pieces hidden or report only the good parts of our stories wrapped up with a pretty bow. We can offer the people in our lives a pen, hold out our hearts and let them into the mess of our process. We can invite them to co-write our stories with us. The first time I did this is ingrained in my mind because it forever changed the way I engage in relationships.

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The Bangup Job: How God changed my life by denting it (just a little).

“You were naked up there, girl!”

The man standing behind me and my family in line, as we waited to be seated for dinner, took me off guard. But I knew exactly what he was referring to. It was just an hour ago. Up there, in front of a couple thousand people, delivering the student baccalaureate address, I felt naked. Vulnerable. The age-old trick in public speaking is to picture your audience naked, but I had done the opposite. I reached in, pulled out my pounding heart and held it out to all of the people that I had spent years carefully protecting it from, because I believed God was asking me to allow His power to be glorified through real-time vulnerability.

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